Why Dwayne?

Why Dwayne? A better question is: why the fuck not?!

Okay, pardon the language but seriously...?! From his days wrestling to his roles in Moana and the Jumanji movies, the guy has become a beloved household name. He oozes charisma.

We love seeing his light-hearted personality alongside Kevin Hart or Emily Blunt. He's a natural in front of the camera and reporters.

More than that, we know he doesn't have thin skin. Even in Hollywood, there's tremendous pressure from the tabloids so we know he'll be able to handle the Washington press corps. And, when policies don't happen to go his way, he won't throw a tantrum at the tee box.

Dwayne is great in movies and entertainment but does he have the qualifications to be a leader?

At the very end of the day, we as Americans should want to elect leaders we are proud of and who reflect our highest values. We want leaders who are firm and can negotiate well, while being liked and respected. We need to believe that Dwayne has the potential to manage his image while leading us through crises with little to no road map.

President John F. Kennedy once said to his Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, "There's no school for Presidents." It doesn't matter if you've been in government for decades, there really is no training available to truly prepare on for leading a nation.

But, in all seriousness, we have all seen the work Dwayne puts into every facet of his life, from fitness to acting to family to tequila. Commitment and hard work come naturally to Dwayne. He is, without a doubt, more qualified than most of the people I have seen run for office.

We know what we think...now, you tell us. Do you want to see Dwayne run for President?